Eric has set the bar for many now on what to expect from trainers

“I have worked with Eric on the implementation of Scrum at Adobe. I have found his understanding of the principles, values, roles,Eric Rapin supported Certified Scrum Master training and Certified Product Owner Training at Western Digital. The engagement encompassed training over 300 employees located at four locations and two geographies. Those who attend his training remarked that it wasn’t what they expected, which was lots of slides and dry content. Participants commented that Eric created a fun and interactive environment for learning the Scrum framework. I personally observed multiple training sessions and can attest that their feedback is consistent with my observations.

Eric has set the bar for many now on what to expect from trainers, so I encourage anyone looking to adopt the scrum framework, or offering refresher training in an existing scrum environment, to strongly consider Eric Rapin.”
Tim Morrisey
Western Digital, Director, HDD R&D PMO

Making Agile and Scrum concepts come to life

“Eric’s reputation in Silicon Valley had already preceded him, but, when I saw him in action, I quickly understood why he is in constant demand. His innovative way of making Agile and Scrum concepts come to life for his students has proven to have a long-lasting, positive impact for them. Eric’s Scrum simulation make the concepts real to them and much more effective than simply having a typical lecture-only course.

In addition to his simulation technique, he also employs another state-of-the-art teaching framework that has proven to improve long-term retention of the material. He employs hands-on exercises that get students out of their seats, talking and collaborating, and learning how to improve together as a team. In short, they learn how to become an Agile team … right there in his class!

I give Eric my highest recommendation and look forward to the next opportunity to send my clients in need of training his way.”
Brian M. Wills
President, MaxAgility Corporation

Delighting both employees and clients alike

“Eric is an exceptional trainer. He is engaging and knowledgeable and is able to draw on his past experiences to give great examples and answer questions that help drive home the content he presents. He has done several training engagements for our company, delighting both employees and clients alike and driving our ability for repeat sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend Eric for training anywhere within the Agile space.”
Kevin Paquin
Online Business Systems, Director, Technology Consulting Services

Simply put, Eric “gets” Scrum

“I have worked with Eric on the implementation of Scrum at Adobe. I have found his understanding of the principles, values, roles, processes and artifacts associated with or defined by Scrum to be stellar. Simply put, Eric “gets” Scrum. More importantly, Eric does not only “get” Scrum: Eric is a skilled educator who can convey these concepts through a thoughtfully chosen and skillfully executed selection of slides, interactive activities, simulations and shared discussions.

Eric guides his students in identifying those aspects of Scrum that they’re struggling to understand and helping them realize breakthroughs that are immediately relevant to their job. Eric has also performed as an organizational coach, helping individuals who participate in his training apply Scrum and Scrum core values in their daily work.”
Luke Hohmann
CEO, First Root Author & Founder of Innovation Games